Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to Choose the Right Lighting for your Indoor Garden

Indoor growing has become easier over the years because of many contributing factors- having more efficient lighting options being one! Grow lights allow you to grow a wide variety of plants at any time during the year. They are designed to substitute natural light to activate photosynthesis. Choosing the correct light where your plants can thrive is dependent on providing the right color spectrum. With the right lighting, you can have incredible strawberries even when they are not in season. By learning how to use lights and fixtures you can select the perfect lighting system that is right for your plants.
Grow Bulb vs Lighting Fixture- Are you looking to substitute an existing light with a grow bulb? Or are you interested in buying a brand-new light fixture? Depending on whether you are looking for convenience or cost, our Grow Kings store offers a specialized selection for lighting. If you are looking to grow your plants on the cheaper side, we suggest purchasing grow bulbs. For most people, this is the easier option because you can simply unscrew your old bulb and replace it with a grow bulb that is made specifically for your plants. On the other hand, a more holistic solution for lighting is to purchase a grow light fixture. These lights are more expensive but can provide illumination for multiple plants at a time. Grow light fixtures are designed to disperse light evenly throughout your grow space and provide a fuller light spectrum than grow bulbs.
Sun System® HPS 150 Grow Light Fixture
Color- Providing the proper spectrum light to your plants is needed to achieve photosynthesis. Before purchasing a light, make sure to view the provided color spectrums listed. Although lights have a variety of colors, we suggest a full spectrum system for your grow space. When you are growing outside, the sunlight contains the complete spectrum of light including all the colors in the rainbow. Just as plants outdoors need the complete spectrum of light so do plants indoors. Indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum bulbs because they produce a balance of cool and warm light. 
Fluorescent vs Led- Both fluorescent lights led lights to produce full-spectrum light. However, LED lights may be a cheaper option. LED grow lights emit low heat and offer the ideal light spectrum range. They are effective, customer-friendly, and offer the latest technology on the market. High tech LED lights are calibrated for indoor growing and use half the electricity of fluorescent lights. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, led lights are the way to go. They are great for your plants and great for the ecosystem!
AgroLED® Sun® 28 & Sun® 48 LED Fixture
Placement- The placement of your grow bulbs or fixtures should be determined by the intensity of which your plants will receive light. Every plant differs in its need for light intensity. Many plants such as orchids, gardenias, and vegetables require a much higher light intensity than that of a flower or fruit would need. Hanging lights over the plant beds help your plants flourish because they mimic natural sunlight, and allow your plants to be exposed on all sides. As your plants develop, constantly adjust the placement of your lights to maintain a proper distance.

Duration- Now that you have your lights, I bet you are wondering how long should you leave them on? Different plants require different amounts of light durations. No matter what types of plants you are growing, you must make sure they have time to rest. At night, plants break down their energy for growth in a process called "respiration." Respiration is a vital part of their growing process. Check your plant's tags or packaging to understand the specific light suggestions. Also, make sure to turn off your lights every once in a while! We suggest using a power strip that has a timer to set the correct duration.
Have more lighting questions? Our Grow King experts have the knowledge and tools available to help your plants flourish. Give us a call at (734) 404-6022 or visit our website to see our lighting options.