Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Advantages of Growing Plants in a Greenhouse

Greenhouses have come a long way since the Ancient Romans. In the 13th century, Ancient Romans began to use greenhouses in order to allow sunlight to travel indoors for study and medical plants. Commonly only used for wealthy citizens, greenhouses are now used for anyone with the desire to start their own business or learn new methods of growing plants. Greenhouses are structured to protect plants from heat, cold, and extend a plants growing season. The idea behind the greenhouse is to keep the heat in to allow the flow of thermal energy out. As the sunlight from the greenhouse passes through its translucent walls it radiates warmth into the air. A greenhouse is essential in helping to regulate the heat in the air because too much heat will cause many problems. 

Extends Your Grow Season- Every plant or vegetable has a season in which they flourish. Investing in a greenhouse gives you the opportunity to provide and produce a variety of plants that may be out of seasons such as exotic flowers or tropical fruit. This gives you the advantage to provide wide availability of products in times of low supply. Not having to worry about external elements gives you a head start on providing the best growing environment for your plants.

Minimize Outdoor Threats- There is nothing worse than walking outside to adore your newly sprouted plants and realize there is a squirrel turning it into a salad. A major advantage of a greenhouse means that you no longer have to battle animals, insects or the introduction of diseases.

Protect Plants from Bad Weather- Even in the best-tailored garden, bad weather is the enemy of healthy growing plants. Bad weather such as thunderstorms, blizzards, and high winds can cause major damage to your plants. Having a greenhouse offers your greenery extra protection against outdoor elements.

Appeal- A greenhouse is also known as a “Glasshouse.” We must admit that having a greenhouse can sometimes add an aesthetic to your home. It offers you a great place where you can reduce your stress levels, relax, and even teach your family how to grow plants.  You will be able to do what you love planting indoors and enjoy the living force of nature around you.

Having a greenhouse can be a great investment when done correctly. If your greenhouse is properly maintained, you can decrease your grocery bill by growing your own food and increase your income by saving money! You will be able to reap the benefits of your protected produce all year long indoors. Make sure to research all of your options before committing to one style or method. Our Grow Kings are dedicated to helping you have a successful growing experience. So if you are interested in what a greenhouse can do for you, contact our experts today or give us a call at 734-404-6022