Monday, February 3, 2020

7 Things To Know Before Growing Cannabis

Are you interested in growing your cannabis indoors? Like all gardening, growing cannabis is a skill that requires having a green thumb. Learning to grow cannabis can be easy to learn but can take a long time to be mastered. We understand that for beginners growing cannabis can be intimidating. Here are 7 things to know before deciding to grow cannabis that will help alleviate your fears!

1. Don’t be afraid- Just Start

The best way to learn how to grow cannabis is just to do it! The fear of growing is the first thing that prevents people from a successful harvest. Although the research is important, most people get caught in questions about which method to use. Let face it, research is not a 100% guarantee that ensures a successful harvest. The best way to be knowledgeable about growing cannabis is to have firsthand experience. Your experiences will teach you something important with each grow, allowing you to get better results each time.

2. Understand the Fundamentals

You don’t have to be a cannabis mastermind to start your grow, it is important to understand the basic concepts of cannabis. Before getting started, make sure to get your hands on a grow kit to get the ball rolling. Here are some basic facts to know

  • Understanding the Life Cycle: There are 3 phases of the cannabis life cycle: Seedling phase, vegetative phase, and the flowering phase.
  • Understanding the Nutrients: Nutrients & supplements are a common cost while growing cannabis. If you are deciding to grow for the first time, finding the right nutrients can be very confusing. Every brand has a different combination of nutrients that are optimal for every stage of growth. Many factors in having proper nutrients for your grow are the ingredients, ratio, soil, hydroponics, & supplements. If you are not sure about which nutrients to use for your plants, our Grow King experts are there to guide you along the way. (provide examples of products )
  • Understanding the Strain: As a new grower, it is important to understand the genetics of the cannabis plant. Understanding these factors play a huge role in how your plants grow. Consider critical factors such as how tall will the plant grow? How quickly should my plant grow? What color should my plants be? How should my plant's smell & taste? If you want to ensure your plants grow the correct way, then understand how your plant is expected to grow. Another important tip is to choose a strain from a trusted breeder to make sure that your plant will be stabilized.

3. Understand the Cost
The average cost of starting a cannabis grow room is not cheap! Indoor grows can be expensive because every variable of your plant must be controlled. Factors to consider while starting an indoor grow are the use of electricity, systems for temperature, and humidity control. While it can be more pricey than outdoor grows, controlling the environment of your plants will lead to higher quality plants.

4. Choosing the right grow space
If you plan to grow indoors, choosing the right grow space is essential for cannabis plants. Indoor growing has several benefits, therefore, you need to make sure you invest in the right equipment.
  • Grow Lights: The first thing you need to consider are grow lights. The cost of grow lights will depend on the number of plants you plan to harvest. GrowKings has a wide selection of grow lights to fit your needs. Whether you need something budget-friendly or top of the line, your lighting plays a vital role in the nourishment of your plants.
  • Ventilation: Growing indoors requires the temperature of your space to be regulated. While grow lights are essential, allowing them to get too hot indoors can cause critical issues. Before deciding to grow your cannabis, we highly recommend including fans, humidifiers and ventilation systems.

5. Monitoring
When you are new to growing cannabis, it is vital to keep tabs on the progress of your plants. Take photos to document your plants weekly to document their growth and progress. Make sure to note the details such as light scheduling, nutrients, & any unwanted infestations.
  • Harvest time: Before you start your cannabis grow, you want to make sure that you recognize the signs of harvest time. To do so, you must know the stages of harvest and how the effect the potency of your buds. Buds that are harvested at different times each have a different effect when used.
  • Curing: Curing is an important part of the entire process. Curing is a process in which you are drying your plant to store for a longer period. Once your buds come to harvest, you need to know how to trim, dry, cure, and store them efficiently.
6. Understanding warning signs
If you plan to master cannabis growing, then know the signs of infestation and/or deficiency. If your cannabis plant is not exposed to the right amount of light and water to grow properly, they lose their integrity & potency. Spotting these warning signs early will help you avoid devastation to your grow. Familiarize yourself with your plant's nutrition to prevent further damages.

7. Know the law

By law, the state of Michigan states that people can grow up to 12 cannabis plants per household. The plants are required to be placed indoors or outside in a locked enclosure that is not easily visible in public areas. Please note that growing cannabis on rental properties is subject to landlord approval.

So there it is!
Now you have a head start on all of the tips you need to know before starting to grow your own cannabis! What you will decide? Order your seeds and get started!