Sunday, October 27, 2019

5 Reasons a Grow Tent is the Best Option for an Indoor Garden

Tomatoes in a Grow Tent
If you are looking to grow anything indoors one of the first steps is to figure out where you want to establish your grow room. There are several essential aspects that you need to consider when putting together a grow space: lighting, air flow, pest control, etc.  Because of the benefits of using a grow tent, many people are choosing to use them when they start their indoor garden.

What is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a portable, reusable “box” made of a sturdy canvas for the exterior and a reflective material in the interior. Depending on the size, the grow tent comes with a zippered panel or two on one side to allow access to your plants.

Benefits of Using a Grow Tent:

  • Cost effective and easy to set up. Depending on what you want to grow, there could be a lot of costs to establish an indoor garden. Building a walled-off room to house your plants can be quite costly and more permanent than what you want to commit to. A grow tent is less expensive, easy to set up, and can be broken down without a lot of hassle.
  • Climate Control. One of the essentials when growing plants indoors is maintaining proper climate levels, which differ depending on the plants you are trying to grow. Plants require a quality airflow, a certain amount of light as well as heat. With a grow tent and a proper monitoring system you can maintain an effective growing climate.
  •  Prevents Pest Infestations. For anyone who has ever done a garden outside they will tell you that keeping pests away can sometimes be a struggle. Bugs, rodents and other animals can easily destroy all your hard work. A grow tent gives you a sealed environment that prevents plants from bring invested.
  • Continual Growing Cycles. One aspect that many people don’t talk about with grow tents is their ability to maintain continual growing cycles for many plants when growing environments are controlled. We experimented with growing cherry tomato plants in our showroom and we found that they didn’t follow a traditional plant growth process that you would get when growing outside. The plants kept producing off shoots with new tomatoes, which we had to continually trim so the plants were more manageable.
  •  You can garden all year round. A grow tent allows you to maintain an optimal growing environment, you can have fresh vegetables, herbs or cannabis all year round.
  •  Are energy efficient. Because of the reflective material in the inside it boosts light and heat helping you to get the most out of your lighting fixtures. Because of the reflective material helps you spend less in maintaining the proper environment.

Looking to purchase a Grow Tent?

Are you looking to start a grow room and would like to purchase a grow tent? We offer several grow tents that come in a variety of sizes. We also offer several Grow Kits that include all the basic equipment to help get your grow operation started; these kits are available for indoor soil and hydroponic growing methods.