Monday, August 12, 2019

Guide to Indoor Gardening - Tips for Growing your Plants Indoor

Starting and maintaining your indoor garden is an exciting thing, but with so many opinions, products and nuances it can easily become overwhelming. That’s why our Grow Kings experts have developed a guide for you, that breaks down and summarizes all the important things you need to know about indoor gardening. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Vegetables that Work for Indoor Gardening

Did you know you can create an environment in your home in which almost anything can grow, all year long? Imagine yourself in bleak winter, harvesting lettuce greens and tomatoes from your indoor garden!

Indoor gardening has become more realistic for the average household as technology has advanced. Using a grow tent, you can create whatever conditions your vegetables need to thrive. This specialized room creates a little corner of summer in your home, with temperature and humidity controls, plus specialized lighting.

Vegetable & Herb Companion Growing

So you’re setting up your indoor garden and thinking, “How will I have space for all these plants??”

You have several options, but one of the most fun is companion growing. Companion growing is when you grow a vegetable and herb in the same pot; this allows you to save space and improve the growth and flavor of the veggies. Herbs tend to have more shallow roots than vegetables, so they can grow in the upper layers of soil, while the vegetables take the deeper layers.